Economical Blood Count Analyzer
  • Small sample volume makes it ideal for pediatric samples
  • Small reagent consumption with highest reagent efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance requirement and difficulty ever
  • Excellent performance with satisfying reliability and stability

  • At least 50% less reagent consumption
  • Higher efficiency on diluent
  • 9.6 µL blood aspiration
  • Reagent consumption is a very sensitive issue to end-user side. Cost per test is subject to reagent consumption on each cycle as well as on maintenance, for profit-wise, higher reagent, efficiency comes with higher profit per test.

  • Maintenance for analyzers between different system platforms and brands differ variably.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annually maintenance is the popular maintenance requirements.
  • But we, only require for weekly and annually base maintenance, which is also an extremely simple and cost effective maintenance list.

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